Newport R.I. for Easter - April 11-12, 2009

The Breakers
We'll start by walking the Cliff Walk in beautiful Newport, RI, where we will walk on the walking trail along the Newport shoreline and the mansions of Newport. Then enjoy a fun tour and a little wine tasting at a nearby vineyard. Dinner at a wonderful local Italian restaurant.
Easter Brunch will also be at a local restaurant where we can have a spectacular meal. After brunch, we'll visit one of Newport's spectacular bird sanctuaries with scenic overlooks of the ocean and surrounding area. One night lodging, Saturday dinner and Easter Sunday brunch. Accommodations are two to a room at the Howard Johnson in Middleton. Please register by March 1. All religions welcome!

Walking shoes with a hard sole will be needed, along with waterproof pants and jacket, hat and gloves or mittens just in case the weather is on the colder side.

Newport Cliffwalk
Newport Vineyards
Norman Bird Sanctuary


Planned Vacations, What a Concept !

Sure, there are maps and tour guides and the Chamber of Commerce, but wouldn't it be nice if we had trips already planned and we knew what we wanted to do at those locations by others recommendations. I have been leading vacation trips with OutsideNE and the Appalachian Mountain Club for over ten years.
Hiking the E4 Trail in Crete

Rockland Maine

Hope you are able to go on one of these trips and add some information! Happy Vacations and Weekends!

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