Tent Camp at Sugarloaf and Ann Arbor Street Art Fair - July 20-22, 2012

The 2012 World Famous Ann Arbor Street Art Fair is the 18th through 21st, so let's make a weekend of it.  Get out of work early on Friday or better yet, take the day off and head over to Sugarloaf Lake Campground for a great afternoon and fabulous evening around the campfire.

We'll have pot-luck Friday night.  After breakfast on Saturday and a morning walking the nearby trails, we're off to the Street Art Fair where we can spend the afternoon and evening. Of course, if you don't want to do the Street Art Fair, there are probably others that want to hike or paddle the area, so you're not alone.

Pinckney State Recreation Area is nearby.  Considerable number of day hikes.  Pinckney-Potawatomi Trail is worth doing for a full-day plus, hike.

We can hang around Sugarloaf Lake on Sunday where we can paddle, swim, hike and beach.

Two nights of camping with your own tent, sleeping bag and mattress and two breakfasts with cowboy coffee.  Please bring firewood.


Planned Vacations, What a Concept !

Sure, there are maps and tour guides and the Chamber of Commerce, but wouldn't it be nice if we had trips already planned and we knew what we wanted to do at those locations by others recommendations. I have been leading vacation trips with OutsideNE and the Appalachian Mountain Club for over ten years.
Hiking the E4 Trail in Crete

Rockland Maine

Hope you are able to go on one of these trips and add some information! Happy Vacations and Weekends!

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