Camp Porcupine Wilderness State Park, MI - Jul 28 - Aug 1

Come explore the Porcupine Mountains with us as we camp for four nights in the Michigan U.P. and possibly meetup with some Yoopers!. We will hike to the famous Lake of the Clouds Overlook and enjoy the fabulous scenery as we look over the dramatic rocky ridge into the Big Carp River Valley.  Maybe we will find time to view the unbelievable sunset over Lake Superior.


This is a camping trip, so you need to bring your own tent, warm sleeping bag, blow-up mattress/foam pad and water.  There is no electricity or running water here, so we will need to boil our water, bring a water filter or bring water purification tablets.  This is true wilderness camping, but never fear we have all the supplies to make wonderful campfire meals and authentic "cowboy coffee."


Hike Glacier In Its Centennial Year - July 10-18

Come hike Glacier National Park as we celebrate Glacier National Parks' 100 year anniversary! Glacier National Park was set aside as the 10th National Park on May 11th 1910. There will be local naturalists and Glacier National Park experts on each hike, so frequent stops for educational information sharing and talking are to be expected along the trail. Many people love the idea that this is not strictly a hiking trip, but a way to learn about the terrain and the wildlife! This trip is designed for moderate hikers who appreciate a moderate pace and an opportunity to learn about the area and natural history.

We won't miss Piegan Pass, which is 9 miles, 1670' elevation gain for a maximum elevation of 7,280 feet. This classic Glacier hike allows you to look into the beautiful Many Glacier area with a rare side view of Mount Gould and the Garden Wall. Another absolutely necessary hike we will do is to hike the Grinnell Glacier Trail, which is 7.8 miles and 1600' elevation gain. All o
f these gorgeous open views along with a naturalist will allow us to understand how climate change is affecting the park, realize the geology of the park, and discover the wildflowers of the park. We are lucky enough to be based right at the Field Camp cabins. They are rustic cabins, with no frills. They are not like camping, but they are also not like staying in a lodge.


Glacier National Park Map
National Park Service
Glacier Institute
Centennial Celebration
Visitor Guide


Glacier National Park, The First 100 Years
Glacier Park Magazine - 100 Days in Glacier National Park
Seasonal Disorder: Ranger Tales from Glacier National Park
The Photographer's Guide to Glacier National Park: Where to Find Perfect Shots and How to Take Them

Come join us for a delightful and picturesque vacation!

Don't worry about planning the specific details. The best trails, accommodations and meals are already planned for this spectacular summer vacation!

Included in the price:
- Six days of educational hikes with the Glacier Field Institue
- All ground transportation by van starting from Kalispell airport
-All meals from dinner on first day to lunch on last day of the trip
-Accommodations for eight nights at Glacier Field Camp Cabin

Not included in price:
-Airfare: ranges $630 - $800
-Transportation to and from home airport
-Personal charges such as wine, liquor, laundry
-Any pre-trip costs or anything else not in the above list of
“Included in the Price”
-Tipping of any Guides


Planned Vacations, What a Concept !

Sure, there are maps and tour guides and the Chamber of Commerce, but wouldn't it be nice if we had trips already planned and we knew what we wanted to do at those locations by others recommendations. I have been leading vacation trips with OutsideNE and the Appalachian Mountain Club for over ten years.
Hiking the E4 Trail in Crete

Rockland Maine

Hope you are able to go on one of these trips and add some information! Happy Vacations and Weekends!

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